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Outreach Programmes

NuLife actively engages the community with range of outreach efforts that serve youth and adults alike. Through each of our programmes, we aim to serve an overlooked population, and hope to enhance their social, financial and emotional wellbeing throughout the year.

Project Robinhood 

Our Robinhood Project allows the public to donate second-hand furnitures and appliances to NuLife – we then match these donations to our beneficiaries and help them to refurbish their homes so that they can lead more comfortable lives. Through this project, we also offer basic repair services such as the fixing of malfunctioning front doors and gates, electrical, plumbing and paint work.

Back To School(Year end)

Our Back To School programme appeals to donors to sponsor school necessities for children from disadvantaged families. Many a time, families do not qualify for the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS), and yet struggle to make ends meet.

NuLife believes in the importance of education for all children, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. Therefore, we aim to provide items such as school books, uniforms, shoes and socks, school bag, stationary and miscellaneous items that they will need for the upcoming school year.

Youth Symposium(June holidays)

Our Youth Symposium series is an annual event we conduct during the June school holidays. Professionals from different occupations are invited to interact and share with our youths information on pertinent issues that they can relate to. Some of our invited guests have been lawyers, psychologists, police officers and teachers, and each of them have contributed to important topics such as Managing Stress, Law & Crimes, Maintaining Healthy Relationships, Avoiding Addictions, Underage Sex etc. The talks have seen full attendance annually, and are enjoyed tremendously by our speakers, youths and their parents alike.

Workshops in collaboration with Probation Services

Workshops for Youths-at-Risk are also organised in collaboration with Probation Services, teaching them key life skills such as decision-making and conflict resolution techniques. The information imparted to them during these workshops help them make well-informed and healthier choices for a more fruitful life ahead.

Festive Celebrations

Each year, NuLife helps the underprivileged in our community celebrate festive periods by ensuring that NuLife beneficiaries have enough food rations, festive goodies and new clothes during these times. We also assist families in doing maintenance and repair work around their homes, so that they can comfortably invite their loved ones over and celebrate as one. Festival periods are celebrated with great pomp in Singapore, and we hope to make sure that nobody is denied the chance to celebrate and honour their traditions, roots and culture in this multi-cultural city.

Social Activities

Various social activities and outings are regularly planned for our beneficiaries to ensure that they get opportunities to socialise and enjoy recreational, fun times with one another. We believe that an individual’s financial difficulties should not deter them from experiencing life’s simple pleasures, and therefore organise events that allow them respite from their daily struggles.

Birthday parties for children, excursions to cultural shows and celebrations, picnics and many other such activities are planned by NuLife throughout the year for beneficiaries and their children to enjoy.

Other Services

NuLife also takes care of miscellaneous needs of struggling families that may arise from time to time. We match families to various temples, churches, mosques and other places of worship that provide rations for those who cannot afford them.

Volunteer Recruitment

NuLife constantly requires volunteers for the planning and execution of all the our programmes and events. We actively recruit people with a passion to help others, and we match volunteers to activities that interest them as well. Areas that volunteers regularly assist in also include befriending and mentoring children and youth who need a shoulder to lean on, or a listening ear. Volunteers also assist them with academic help whenever needed.

If you find that you are interested in joining our team, we welcome you to join us at any opportune time.